Grandpa’s birdhouses support Lily’s Fund

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December 28, 2011
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November 1, 2012
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Grandpa’s birdhouses support Lily’s Fund

Motivated by his love of birds, and love of his granddaughter Grace, Dick Murphy had an idea. By the end of winter 2011, after many hours of measuring, sawing and hammering in his basement, Grandpa Murphy had made over 200 birdhouses ready to go to new homes. To get one, all you had to do was make a donation, any donation, to Lily’s Fund.

The birdhouses were available in April 2012 at his house. All money went to support epilepsy research at the UW-Madison, benefitting people who live with epilepsy, like Grace and Lily.

Many of us now own these wonderful wren houses and watched a season of wrens call them home this past summer. It’s amazing what one person can do. Thank you Grandpa Murphy!

See Doug Moe’s “Birdman Builds Houses for Charity”

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