Lily’s Lemonade Stands

Lily's Lemonade Stands

How can you help squeeze out a cure for epilepsy? By having a Lily’s Lemonade Stand this summer.

Thirsty for Action?

Lily’s Fund invites kids and adults to host their own lemonade stands anytime and anywhere throughout the summer. It’s a fun, easy way to raise awareness and money to support epilepsy research at UW-Madison.

Have fun, learn about epilepsy, get involved in your community and get a cool Lily’s Lemonade t-shirt.

When: All summer long!

Who: You, your kids, your friends, your family, your co-workers, your neighbors.

Where: Your neighborhood, school, local business…at festivals, swim meets or ball games. Wherever you want to have your stand.

Why: To find a cure for epilepsy AND help people understand what epilepsy is. By promoting epilepsy awareness, you spread the word and help raise money for cutting-edge epilepsy research at the UW-Madison. The more people hear about it, the less strange and scary it will seem. The more awareness we create. The more research will be funded.

Get Started

Download everything you need in our Lemonade Stand How-To Guide!

Email us the time and location of your stand so we can send customers your way!

Send photos too!

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